The Juice is about to be loose, and a big piece of his infamous story could be yours if the price is right (and you actually want it).

O.J. Simpson was granted parole last week, and the 70-year-old will be a free man come October 1st. While all of that is good news for him and his family, everyone is still talking about that damn white Bronco from his famous 1994 police chase back in the day. What ever happened to that bad boy? Does he still own it? Nope. He sure doesn’t, and it can now officially chill in your driveway or garage, if you’re into collecting that sort of stuff… but for one hell of a hefty price.

According to TMZ, Mike Gilbert, who once served as Simpson’s agent, is willing to sell the Bronco if he receives an offer in the “$750K to $1 million range.” Gilbert is purportedly willing to sell the car to anyone except Simpson himself, but only if he receives a strong offer. He’s already been offered $250,000 for it, but was quick to shut that down because he thinks he can get more. He has no emotional attachment to the Bronco, but he’s fine holding onto it if need be. He says he’ll just pass it down to his kids. Gee, thanks dad!

How did Gilbert get his paws on the ride in the first place? Well, he purchased the Bronco from Al Cowlings, who said he drove Simpson during the police chase because he had a gun to his head, simply because he thought it was a good investment. An estimated 95 million Americans tuned in to watch the chase unfold on television, so the vehicle is a definite part of history. Right now, the Bronco is stored at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Tennessee.

All of this big money talk comes after a Nevada parole board recently granted Simpson’s request for parole. He has already served nine years of a 33-year sentence for participating in an armed robbery of memorabilia dealers back in 2007.