Want to catch the upcoming Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight and be promised to get some that night, too? You don’t need to scurry to try and find a date to make this happen. All you need is a hefty bank account… and maybe some Viagra.

Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel in the Nevada desert, just unveiled the VIP(enis) package specifically for the upcoming fight. The $100,000 deal will include two tickets to the match, along with sex with all 24 of the women on staff. Exhausting much?

Sheri’s isn’t the only whore house trying to rake in some cash from the throw down. The famed BunnyRanch is offering a less creative, but more affordable deal. Owner Dennis Hof recently told TMZ that he’ll be running a two-ladies-for-the-price-of-one special when the fight rolls around.

Oh, and if you think Hof’s Love Ranch rings a bell, it’s probably because that was where Lamar Odom nearly died after a drug-and-hookers bender a few years ago.

Here’s an idea: Maybe you can bet on the fight and get your money back? Talk about a win-win!