If you’ve always wanted to go see that penis-shaped rock tourist attraction in Norway, you can finally do so again. Wait, what’s that? You didn’t know there was a wang-shaped piece of mother nature out there? Don’t worry, we didn’t either.

But the attraction is very popular in southern Norway (hey, people have hilariously sick minds). It’s called Trollpikken, and it is up again—no thanks to Viagra (sorry we had to)—after it was found badly damaged last month.

Apparently, workers had to put back more than 12 tons of heavy rock that broke off the Trollpikken formation two weeks ago. They used iron wedges and concrete to reattach the broken promontory after winching it up inside 10-meter-high (33-feet) scaffolding.

What was the actual issue with the attraction? Joggers discovered drilling holes in the rock that suggested it was deliberately vandalized. Experts said that pieces were cut off the rock formation on purpose. More than 226,000 kroner ($27,000) was donated online to repair it. Unfortunately, because it had to be repaired, visitors need to wait at least a week for the formation to be fully set before climbing on it again.

The vandals haven’t yet been found. Whoever it was could face a one-year prison sentence for a serious environmental crime. We’re just automatically assuming it was a chick. Just sayin’.