If you live in a big city in the United States, you know that sometimes having a car is more trouble than it’s worth. We’re talking to you, New Yorkers. Not only does traffic suck in metropolitan areas, but it’s also expensive to park. We’re assuming that must also be the case when it comes to parking your ride in Hong Kong…

A business executive reportedly just paid $664,000 for a parking space in his fancy Hong Kong apartment building. According to property records, he has set a new record for the city by $50,000.

Don’t think that payment is really taking a chunk out of this dude’s account. The South China Morning Post reported that Kwan Wai-ming already owned two apartments and two parking spaces in the Upton building that are worth a total of over $10 million. The price paid for the third spot was two to three times the going rate per square foot for apartments in Hong Kong, which is home to the world’s most expensive real estate today.

But Kwan’s spot may not be the world’s most expensive parking space. A penthouse in New York City’s Greenwich Village was sold last year for $26 million that was originally listed with a $1 million parking space included, while a new building in SoHo that’s currently being filled has 10 spots available for $1 million each.

What in the hell do these people do for a living that enables them to drop this much cash on freakin’ parking spaces? Must be nice!

Would you pay $664,000 for this parking space?