And you thought you had some serious dedication… Most people kick their butts into high gear and start a weight loss program simply because they want to look better or because of their health. But one patriotic Texan’s motivation was more than that—he really wanted to serve his country.

William Guinn Jr. tipped the scales at 460 pounds, and he was unable to join the service last year because of his weight. It was his childhood dream to join the U.S. Army, so he decided to do something serious about it to make his dream come true. After 14 months of eating right and exercising six days a week, he had completed his first mission. Local TV station KTAB reports that Guinn was able to cut his body weight in half, and he now weighs only 230 pounds. Of course, slimming down wasn’t an easy task. He had to bust out an hour-long run after a two-hour workout to get where he was.

On July 10th, the married father of four was finally able join the military. He was officially sworn into the Army in Dallas.

This dude is the real MVP.

“It can be done and, yes, for those that didn’t know I [was] trying to go to [the] military,” he wrote on Facebook. “[It] will be a great start for my career and to push myself harder than ever before. I will graduate from basic and M.I.T and start my career. I do see a change.”

If only more people were as dedicated to their health and country like this man. We salute you, sir. Thank you for your service.