When a man entered the Huay Kwang police station in Thailand wielding a large knife, he wasn’t met with fear; instead, he was embraced by a big ol’ hug from officer Anirut Malee.

The officer sat down calmly and used non-confrontational body language to convince the 45-year-old assailant to fork over his weapon Saturday night.

He told Thai Visa News that the distressed man used to be a musician but had been working as a security guard for three days, and he had not been paid. On top of this he had had his guitar stolen and it was all stressing him out.

“I heard him out and sympathized and said I had a guitar to give him, and suggested we go out for a meal together,” officer Malee said.

After retrieving the knife, officer Malee approached the man with outstretched arms and gave him a hug. He then tossed the blade to the side.

His brilliance and bravery in what could have been a seriously violent situation was caught by the security cameras and shared online. Check out the footage below.