You never mess with another dude’s brother. Just ask former NFL coaches Rex and Rob Ryan all about that. They appeared to get into an altercation at a bar in Nashville on Sunday.

Twitter user Cooper Stefaniak shared two videos in which two men resembling the Ryan brothers are involved in a scuffle with bar patrons. Instead of nibblin’ on sponge cake or watchin’ the sun bake at a Nashville Margaritaville, they found themselves in a scrap. They were in town to catch Game 3 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals.

In the video, you can see Rex get tossed aside before Rob chokes a dude. Then Rex comes tumbling back into the frame with a Bryce Harper jersey on. The moment didn’t go by without some manly posturing up and a few shirt grabs. Shortly afterward, the scuffle ends.

It wasn’t all “hold my beer” moments for the Ryan brothers at Margaritaville, though. They also found time to pose for a few pics with fans.

When you meet a fellow twin!! #RexRyan #RyanTwins #TwinWorld #HeadCoacher #Nashville

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Rex and Rob most recently worked together on the Buffalo Bills’ staff. Rex was the head coach for the past two years, while Rob was the assistant head coach for defense in 2016. The Bills fired the siblings on December 27 after the team had a shitty season.

Oh what a difference a year makes…