Every wonder where McDonald’s stands on the whole marijuana debate in America? Well, if you happen to be cruising by Exit 451 on the New Mexico-Colorado border, you’ll see which way that specific Micky D’s leans.

This specific franchise recently put up a new billboard advertising its green-chile breakfast burritos, and the whole thing didn’t go down without a weed pun. Did we mention that the big guys at corporate are allegedly pissed about this?

“Usually, when you roll something this good, it’s illegal!” the fast food restaurant sign reads. Kind of hilarious and brilliant advertising, don’t you think? You have to remember that the location of the billboard is a key factor here. Pot is legal in Colorado and not in New Mexico.

The internet seemed to enjoy this stoner joke, but corporate wasn’t “lovin’ it.” When reached out to McDonald’s for a comment, a representative told HuffPost, “This local franchise billboard does not meet our standards and is being taken down.”

Uh oh. We’re guessing someone got in some pretty big trouble for this…but hey, we’re writing about it, aren’t we? In the end, the exposure and little laugh can’t hurt business, right?

Especially if you’ve got a bad case of the munchies, duuude.