Sex is good any day of the week. But if you’ve noticed a difference between the hot and heavy love-making sessions you have on the weekends and the fairly average sex you have on Wednesday nights, you’re not alone. According to new research, most people are doing it on Sundays.

The study was conducted by analyzing data from Instacart, a service that provides food and lifestyle product deliveries to local stores. It found that Sunday is the most popular day of the week to buy condoms. This could be because people are stocking up for the week ahead, but it’s probably because people are using condoms the most on Sundays.

Given that everyone hates Mondays, it’s no surprise that the least popular day of the week for condom sales is the first day of the work week. Though, maybe if we started having more sex on Mondays, they wouldn’t be as awful. Food for thought…

Condom sales decrease significantly in the middle of the week, around Tuesday and Wednesday, so we guess no one is taking Hump Day too literally.

At least you now have legitimate reasoning as to why your weekday sex is pretty boring… It’s not you; it’s science.

Photo: iStock/PeopleImages