What’s better than a good ol’ mashup? Especially one you can appreciate and even watch with your kids?

There’s a new Beastie Boys and Sesame Street mix out there, and honestly, it’s pretty damn great. This creation celebratew the Boys’ MTV Video Music Award win for ‘Best Video’ back in 1994. A fan named Adam Schleichkorn—who has cut together some notable reimaginings over the years—remade the band’s iconic music video for “Sabotage” with footage of everyone’s favorite Sesame Street characters.

If you can’t recall, the guys’ original video begins with an intense police chase. They jump over cars and run through building hallways straight-up 1970s crime drama-style. In the new video, Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock are replaced by Big Bird and his muppet friends. It’s easily the most entertaining thing we’ve seen in a while.

The mashup, renamed “Sesametage,” will give you the perfect flashback. Watch the original video and remake below.