In the movies, there are always two types of dudes: You have the macho jock, who the woman loves, but things never seem to work out. And you have the dweeby, childhood best friend who silently fights for her love. The nice guy eventually wins in the end, right?


New data from the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences shows that women want manly men and are happier with super masculine husbands. Andrea Meltzer, head researcher of the study, said “the aim of the current study was to examine the interactive effects of women’s fertility and their partner’s masculinity (a trait that women prefer near ovulation in the short-term mating contexts) in the context of long-term relationships—specifically, marriage.”

The study analyzed the results of a survey given to 70 newly married couples; they completed the questionnaire once every two weeks. The questions asked about things like the women’s risk of conception, how happy they were with their marriages and how powerful and masculine the men felt each day.

Researchers found that wives with high marital satisfaction almost always had husbands with high levels of behavioral masculinity. Further, the women whose husbands said they felt masculine and in-charge all the time were also the women who were increasingly happy with their marriages at peak fertility when compared to the less fertile periods of their menstrual cycles. Women whose husbands stated lower levels of masculinity didn’t see any change in satisfaction during peak fertility.

There you have it, guys. She might not even know that she wants you to be more dominant and masculine, especially when she’s feeling fertile. For the average woman, the fertility window usually starts about five days before her day of ovulation, which is about two weeks before her menstrual cycle begins. We’re sure you know when that is, so you do the math.

Photo: iStock/g-stockstudio