OK, maybe you should buy your kid that toy they have been begging you for after all! Because a freakin’ stuffed animal just saved a toddler’s life after he fell from a two-story building.

Like most children do, a two-year-old boy from Chelsea, Massachusetts was reportedly jumping on his bed. That’s when his fun instantly stopped because he managed to hop his way out the window. During the fall, luckily, the boy kept ahold of his large stuffed cow toy.

Miraculously, the kid ended up landing on the toy and wasn’t badly hurt. It actually provided enough cushion between him and the concrete sidewalk to save his life. The stuffed cow was two to two-and-a-half feet tall.

“He fell about 16 feet onto concrete. He could easily have broken bones or been very seriously injured,” Chelsea Deputy Fire Chief John Quatieri told the Boston Globe.

The little boy was conscious and alert after his accident and suffered only minor injuries. After the incident, the local police chief posted a picture on Twitter of the life-saving cow. In case you were concerned about the cow, the toy wasn’t damaged, either. There were only a few dirt spots on it.


This isn’t the first time a random toy has saved a child’s life. Back in 2015, a 5-year-old girl from Colorado suffered only minor injuries after tumbling from a third-story apartment window. Her Minions stuffed animal cushioned her from the fall, and saved her life just as the stuffed cow did with this particular little boy.