In an ample effort to prevent the “sextortion” of teenage boys—a form of blackmail in which sexually explicit information or images are used to extort sexual favors from the victim—a Canadian organization called the Canadian Centre for Child Protection started a new campaign aptly named “Don’t Get Sextorted.” So how exactly does one avoid getting sextorted? Respond to requests for nudes with photos of naked mole rats instead. Duh.

Pause. Reread. Yes. You read that correctly.

In case you still need clarification, the Centre released this short video explaining the dangers of sextortion and how the hairless pink rodent, which just so happens to be “long, veiny and fleshy,” looks a lot like a penis (yikes) and so it’s a safer pic to send.

Boys make up 30 percent of the reported victims of sextortion, so the Centre also provided an archive of naked mole rat memes from which they could source if they find themselves in a bind.

Like these…



Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 4.09.31 PM

“We started to receive calls from very distressed kids panicked over what to do, because the threats were, ‘If you don’t comply, I’m going to send this to all of your contacts,’” Executive Director Lianna McDonald told the Canadian Press. “They would think that this is only happening to me.”

The creative minds behind the campaign say they think its humorous tone is the best way to reach young boys… At least they’re onto something there.
“We’re hoping that this character will be effective in capturing the attention of boys to bring widespread attention to the issue,” McDonald explained in a release. “We want our communications to empower boys to think twice before sending a nude. The threat of ‘sextortion’ is scary enough, but having the conversation doesn’t have to be.”
But… But naked mole rat penises are scary. They’re as freaky as they are phallic.