What is one supposed to do if he shows up to his high school graduation and is told he can’t walk the stage because he’s wearing jeans? Ask a stranger for his pants?

Leroy Solis Jr. graduated from MacArthur High School at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas last week, but it wouldn’t have been possible if not for the kindness of an unidentified man who was wearing the right pants at the right time.

Solis and his sister were walking to his car to leave the arena after the principal told him his jeans did not meet the ceremony’s dress code when he came across an anonymous man and his father. There was only three minutes left before he was supposed to line up with his class, so Solis went out on a limb and reached out to the man in the parking lot and asked if he could wear his slacks. Much to anyone’s surprise, he agreed, and the two of them swapped pants in a truck.

Dude, you’re the real MVP!

“He told him ‘go cross that stage,'” Santos’ sister told MSN, adding that her brother wasn’t able to get either of their names. “If this very kind gentleman had not done this, my brother would have missed graduation.”

She also said she understands school policy and is not upset with the administration, but jeans were her brother’s only option. “Not everyone can afford nice clothes,” she said. “This is all my brother had to wear. My dad is on a fixed income.”

The graduate and his sister consider the other family a blessing and want to show their family’s gratitude by treating them to dinner. So if you know who did this kind act, tell them Santos’ family is looking for them!

“We live in a beautiful city where people are always helping one another—I plan on paying this forward,” she added. “I’m forever thankful to the family. Had it not been for them, my brother would have lost out on his special day.”