We all finally got to tune in to Megyn Kelly’s first interview with NBC on her new show Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, and it just so happened to be with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Everyone was expecting to get the scoop on the ruler’s relationship with the Trump administration and details on Russiagate, but the whole thing actually ended up falling flat. Honestly, the dude and the interview were both kind of boring.

First off, the segment only lasted a wimpy 12 minutes or so. Of course, Putin busted out the “nothing to see here” routine, especially when he dismissed Russia of having any reason to hack the 2016 presidential election. “We don’t care who is head of the United States,” he said.

“What the experts say is that this couldn’t have been faked,” Kelly responded. “That it’s a hundred factors that point to Russia.” Here, she cited a number of cyber-hacking tools that U.S. Intelligence has identified as having been used by Russian operatives. “All of them, all of them point to Russia, and none of them point to anyone other than Russia.”

Putin didn’t seem to take the accusation seriously. “What fingerprints or hoof-prints or horn-prints, what are you talking about?” he asked. “IP addresses? They can be invented, you know? There are a lot of specialists who can even make it so it comes from your home IP address, as if your three-year-old daughter carried out the attack.”

He pulled the same trick when Kelly asked about Jared Kushner’s meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kyslyak. “I’m being honest with you,” he told her. “Do you think I have time to talk to every ambassador around the world every day? That’s complete nonsense.”

Kelly followed up about the reported proposal Kushner made to set up a secure, secret communication channel between the Trump team and the Kremlin, but Putin denied knowing anything about the proposal, ever asking about the proposal, or being interested in the proposal. He responded: “You created a sensation about nothing. You people are so creative over there. Your lives must be boring.”

Putin was also asked about his connection to Michael Flynn, Trump’s swiftly disgraced first National Security Adviser who’s now got a grand jury looking into his Russia ties. “You and I have a much closer relationship than I had with Michael Flynn,” he told Kelly. Wait, was that his creepy way of trying to hit on her? Ew.

The folks over at NBC got everyone excited about this interview and, unfortunately, critics are saying it wasn’t a good start for Kelly’s career at the station. They allegedly paid her $20 million to switch over to them from her position at Fox News. Fox allegedly offered her $25 million to stay, but the NBC gig gave her more time with her children, along with her own show and a spot on the Today show.

Viewers who were baffled by Kelly’s lack of control over the conversation took to Twitter to air their grievances.