The 2016 US Presidential Election was controversial (to say the least), and when Donald Trump was elected, no one saw it coming. While the 45th president claims to love women, his actions and words tend to paint a different picture, and this attitude appears to catching on among men across the country. Since Trump’s election, men have become more aggressive toward women when negotiating, according to a new study.

The research conducted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania didn’t originally set out to see if the new president had any effect on men and women’s behavior towards each other, but when reviewing their data at the end of the study, that’s what they found.

As Wharton School professor of business economics and public policy Corinne Low stated, “Not only was the communication more aggressive, it was also less effective.”

Researchers took 232 individuals, most of whom were UPenn students, and placed them into pairs. Each pair was then given $20 and asked to split the money with one person getting $15 and the other only receiving $5. If they couldn’t figure out which partner got more money than the other, neither one got anything.

When these sessions were done before the election, the male participants appeared to be more chivalrous and fair with their female partners and didn’t use so many aggressive strategies when negotiating. However, after the election, the percentage of male participants who used trash talk or hardball tactics to convince their female partner to take the smaller sum of money went up by 140 percent. According to the authors of the study, the “Trump election may have fractured community norms of civility and chivalry.”

The authors of the study found their results to be “consistent with literature showing that broader political or world events can impact behavior such as generosity, fairness and reciprocity, cooperation, group bias and health insurance uptake.”


Photo: Getty Images/North America