Imagine thinking, “If I die doing this, my wife and kids would understand.” That’s the exact thought that went through an ex-Green Beret’s head while making the harrowing decision to run through ISIS gunfire to save a little girl in Mosul, Iraq last Friday. The epic moment was even caught on video.

The footage, which has now gone viral, shows David Eubank, a 56-year-old former U.S. Special Forces operative turned aid worker, hiding behind a tank as gunfire from ISIS snipers pops off in the background. Approximately 150 yards from Eubank and his men is a pile of dead bodies, civilians who had been shot by ISIS snipers while attempting to flee the besieged city.

Eubank, with just a bulletproof vest and helmet, runs directly into the ISIS shootout to grab a young girl from the pile. As he takes off, his men cover him, shooting in the direction of the enemy fire.

“I thought, ‘If I die doing this, my wife and kids would understand,'” Eubank told the Los Angeles Times.

It took him 10 scary seconds to return with the young girl in his arm and bring her to safety behind an armored tank. Amazingly, both Eubank and the girl were unscathed.

Watch the clip of this man’s bravery below. It’s just more proof that the men and women fighting for freedom truly are heroes.