Still bummed out that you don’t get to enjoy the awesomeness of Nirvana to the fullest since Kurt Cobain’s death? Well, thanks to footage of the band that has just resurfaced, you can flashback to one of their first gigs and feel like you were actually there.

If you walked into the Radio Shack in Aberdeen, Washington on January 24th, 1988, you would have not only seen batteries, cords and electronics but also one of the greatest rock bands in history jamming out. In a video posted by YouTube user Mike Ziegler, you can see the infamous band doing what they do best. Although they may have made you say “f**k this noise” and walk out, because honestly, they weren’t quite the band we all love now back then.

So, what’s the story behind this historic clip? Apparently, the day before it was taped, Nirvana (Ted Ed Fred at the time) recorded their first proper studio demo with Jack Endino at Reciprocal Recording Studios in Seattle. The demo and this video feature Dale Crover (of Melvins fame) on drums, rather than Dave Grohl, along with bassist Kurt Novoselic and frontman Cobain. Following the studio session, they played a live show at the Community World Theater in Tacoma. If you pay close attention to this video, you can see footage of that show on the TV screens in the background. The music being lip synced was the demo made the day before (with “live” drums).

The rest is pretty much history. This footage proves that Nirvana as a group changed and so did their sound before they became grunge legends in 1991. While Nirvana’s surviving members are still successful and doing their own things in the music world today, we can’t say the same for good ol’ Radio Shack. The store is lingering in bankruptcy hell, and most of the establishments have been shut down. Maybe they should have hosted more live performances?

Note: If for no other reason, this video is worth checking out just to see Cobain fly onto the screen about 15 seconds in…