File this one under: You know you’re in Ohio when…! A state trooper in Wooster, Ohio jumped into an Amish buggy earlier this week after he noticed it was driverless and the attached horse was making some sort of break for it.

The buggy’s head honcho, a.k.a. the horse, was reported on the loose early that morning. The Wooster Daily Record said that Sgt. C.O. Smith was lucky enough to be one of the incident’s responding officers, and managed to catch up to the panting horse on foot on State Road 250. In an a stunt straight out of 1817, he was able to bring the horse to a stop after running alongside the buggy, jumping in and grabbing the reins.

“I’m just glad it turned out okay,” Smith told the paper. “That could have been a bigger incident with a 2,000-pound animal running in the wrong lane.”

The paper also reported that the horse had galloped about 10 miles and collapsed from exhaustion after being corralled. And don’t worry about the animal. He wasn’t hurt and was examined by a veterinarian and given some water.

Police were also able to track down the owner to come and get their badass pony, too.

“Every new day brings with it new challenges,” the Wooster Police Department stated in a Facebook post about that incident.

Ain’t that the truth!