A police officer is melting the hearts of many since he was caught dancing with young fans at the One Love Manchester benefit concert—the most watched television show of the year thus far, garnering 14.5 million viewers. The officer, identified by Durham Police as PC Paul Taylor from Darlington, has gone viral for epitomizing the meaning of the concert and capturing the true spirit of the city.

One Love Manchester is praised for bringing the city together for a night of happiness, unity, solidarity and defiance, despite the grief with which the world is still grappling after the suicide bombing at the Ariana Grande concert killed 22 people last month.

Cameras caught the officer in uniform and a yellow safety shirt dancing in a circle with six audience members. The footage was shown during the live stream of the concert as a cutaway from Justin Bieber’s performance, which included acoustic sets of Love Yourself and Cold Water. Bieber sang, let’s “fight evil with love” as viewers took to the internet to share the video of PC Taylor; many are calling the moment their emotional tipping point.

“I had posed for a picture with these two young girls who were with their mum, and they asked if I’d like to dance,” he told BBC. “I can’t remember what was playing at the time, I think it may have been Justin Bieber. Since the clip went viral my phone hasn’t stopped ringing!”

PC Taylor, who has 20 years of service under his belt, said he was there to play his part in helping Greater Manchester Police colleagues after an enormous and tragic event.

While his dancing moment only lasted a few fleeting seconds on screen, concertgoers and viewers are dubbing it a symbol of Manchester’s spirit of resilience.