When it’s hot AF outside, do you happen to flash back to your childhood days and wish you had one of those awesome Super Soakers you used to play with to cool yourself off?

Well, there’s a new version out there, and it puts every other water gun to complete shame.

YouTuber Mark Rober has an endless amount of engineering knowledge and, apparently, free time. He recently built the world’s largest Super Soaker, and it’s the coolest toy we’ve seen in a while. The seven-foot-long mother of all water guns shoots water at an astonishing 272 MPH! In case you weren’t aware, that’s enough to break glass, blast a watermelon in half and make a Coke can explode.

The giant Super Soaker operates a lot like the one you used to have when you were little. But instead of using air pressure to shoot the water, it uses high-pressure nitrogen gas. That fires this baby up to 2,400 PSI, eight times more powerful than a firehose and 60 times more powerful than what came out of the original Super Soaker.

Don’t believe us? Check out the action below…