Lump in your throat alert! Just in case you needed another reason to appreciate the Zac Brown Band and their music, there’s this story.

One of the country music band’s biggest fans, 17-year-old Thomas Schoettle, was looking forward to seeing the guys jam out in concert on July 14th in Pennsylvania. But a tragic diving accident 17 days before the show left the teen paralyzed and unable to go.

In true country-boy fashion, Zac and his band got wind of the fan’s sad situation and decided to surprise him at Bryn Mawr Rehab Center where he continues to recover from his injuries, including a fractured neck and bruised spinal cord.

How did the guys hear about this story? Earlier in the month, a family friend reached out to Brown on Facebook pleading for the singer to visit Thomas in the hospital.

“Dear Zac, I know you must get many requests but I figured I’d give it a shot. My son’s best friend who is 17 years had a serious accident recently. They get tickets and go to your concert every time you come to the Philadelphia area. You are his favorite band,” the post read.

“Unfortunately, on 6/27/17 Thomas dove into a 5 foot above ground pool and suffered a severe spinal cord injury and is paralyzed. At 17, the reality of the possibility of paralysis for the remainder of his life is difficult to accept,” the post went on.

“Missing your concert this Friday 7/14/17 is actually his first reality check as far as things he will miss and things he won’t be able to do. I know your schedule is super busy and I know it’s a long shot, but would there be any chance you could visit him, if only for a couple minutes?”

It worked.

The boy’s mother posted a video of the epic meeting between her son and his favorite band on Facebook. “Oh my God,” the boy said as Brown entered his room. “I figured since you couldn’t come to us, we’d come to you,” Brown joked.

According to family and friends, Brown flew into the Malvern area by helicopter to spend an hour with Thomas at the rehab center. This wasn’t all he did for the injured fan, either. The country star also dedicated a song to Thomas at the BB&T Pavilion concert.

Here’s to big hearts and good deeds.