Nicki Minaj sure is feeling herself, and who says she’s all ass? The rapper just posted very racy photos of herself in nothing but a rope bikini, and all eyes seem to be on her boobs. The revealing bathing suit isn’t even the best part, either. The pics also show another woman touching and adjusting her breasts as she models the swimsuit. Too hot.

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In one shot, Nicki appears to be wearing a bikini made of nothing but a rope, all while smoking a blunt. The rope-kini covers her assets in all the right spots but leaves just enough of her sexy body revealed to spark the imagination. In another photo, you see someone standing next to her in the dark, resting their hand on her breast, as she captioned the photo, “Milking it.” How does one snag that job?!

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This shot certainly excited her 80.2 million followers. Fans started making comments like, “I want to be that hand,” and “Let that hand be mine …amen lol.” Glad we aren’t the only ones who feel that way.

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No wonder all of the male rappers are in love with her. The buxom beauty made headlines yesterday after Drake’s very public declaration of love. He gushed over Nicki while accepting the Top Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night.

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Can you blame him, really?

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Photos: Instagram