Wouldn’t it be cool if, in a training session or pickup game or two-on-two showdown with you and your sister and your stepdad and your sister’s boyfriend, you could track how quickly you moved, how high you jumped and how much you hustled? Well, now you can, and then you can shove all that statistical data right in your sister’s boyfriend’s face. Right after you dunk on him while saying, “Keep your hands off my sister.”

The provider of all this new high-tech-ness: Nike, and specifically the brand-new Nike Hyperdunk+ sneakers. Part of the Nike+ Basketball system, the Hyperdunk+ shoes contain four pressure sensors in the soles that collect info about your movement and then wirelessly transmit that data to your phone. So you can see your jump height, quickness and activity level (measured in “fuel points”) during a particular session. Then you can look at graphs of all of this stuff and compare it to your past training sessions and your friends/teammates’ numbers. Which, in theory, makes a grueling workout a little more fun.

The other cool thing is, you can imagine a not-too-distant future when you’re watching the NBA Finals and can see, for instance, how many fuel points Russell Westbrook accumulated in the third quarter and compare that to his opponent on the Chicago Bulls or the Miami Heat or the New York Knicks (well, that’s a more-distant future). So finally you’ll have statistical evidence to prove that your favorite player is working harder than everybody else… or that your least favorite player really is being slow, earthbound and lazy.

The Nike Hyperdunk+ kicks retail for $240 (includes sensors, chips, USB connection, etc). Check them out at nike.com.