I jokingly wrote to Nike a number of years ago asking if they would sponsor me as “the running gardener” A man who ran in his spare time and worked hard outside in the nursery business during the day. I have thousands of customers and a TV show and Nike could be synonymous with gardening, a billion dollar business. I got a nice form letter saying they only sponsor athletes. Clean and simple, athletes. Guess that’s not true anymore. Although not officially announced, it appears that they have signed the extremely likeable, brandable, hottie Jennifer Aniston. Rumors have it that they have paid an extraordinary sum to take the Aniston brand worldwide. It is said to be the largest ever paid by a sports apparel business to a non athlete. Unfortunately they are also in talks with the idiot Eminem. In a sidenote, I love Nike. If they made their shoes wider they would sell millions of more pairs of shoes. It is not the appeal that is holding them back, it is the fit. Ask any adult the most comfortable tennis shoes and never does Nike come up. They widen the shoes, I buy the stock.