The hardest part about video games is staying in shape in the real world. And vice versa. It’s a no-win situation when you commit time to making one of your personalities, virtual or real, more fit to make their way through their worlds.

That is, until the Frevola T7A treadmill. Self-billed as the human-centered sportainment dream machine, the TZA has an entertainment modulebuilt into it to appeal to the kid in all of us (the same kid that has a few too many cookies and now needs to work them off). You’ve got a few options for in-run entertainment. You can select a personalized avatar which moves in the speed and style that you’re running or walking in on the treadmill. You can select music or video to listen to on the station. It’s got a USB input for you to play your personal music, movies, or slideshows. Or, the best option: play Nintendo. READ MORE