In the world of video games, you’ve got your in-home consoles (Xbox, PlayStation and the like), and you’ve got your portable devices like the Wii U, PlayStation Vita and remember Neo Geo?

But now the whole labeling arrangement has come unraveled because Nintendo has just announced its new console, called Switch. And the Nintendo Switch is unlike other consoles in that it’s a hybrid device for both portable and in-home gaming. Think of it like an extra powerful handheld device that hooks up to your TV. So when you’re playing at home, you’ll use a standalone controller just like any other console. But when you’re on the go, you can pull the thing apart and reconfigure it into a mobile system.

The controller disassembles into two portable controllers that slide into the sides of the system, and the system itself has a screen. So just hang onto the controllers and play it like you would a handheld device. Or, deploy the little kickstand to prop the thing up, detach the controllers and use one in each hand for yet another method of operation.

The key here is flexibility. While Sony and Microsoft continue to dominate in-home gaming, Nintendo’s just offered up a console that lets you play anywhere, at any time. And in the process, they’re giving us a new Zelda, so that’s something else to be excited about.

Just try not to get too excited yet, as the actual release date is pegged for March. In the meantime, you can live vicariously through the happy, video game-obsessed group of friends in the video below.