Studded tires won’t do you justice when you need to navigate a winter storm, or want to take a cruise around ski slopes… in your car.

You really need tracks, like the ones on the Nissan Rogue Warrior Snow Track Crossover concept featured at the 2016 Montreal International Auto Show. Fitted by a company called Motorsports in Action from Quebec, the Nissan’s wheels were replaced by a Dominator track system measuring 15″ across, 30″ high and 48″ long, coupled with all-wheel drive.  The impromptu snowmobile also features a modified suspension, custom snow guards and some minor body tunings. It’s capable of hitting 62 mph in the snow and climbing a 45-degree grade with a 23″ ground clearance.

The video below is rad, though we’re not so sure we’d want this beast riding behind us on the slopes.

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