So this happened last night. En route to destroying Charlotte 70-14, Louisville receiver Traveon Samuel and quarterback Lamar Jackson sat down next to each other on the bench, spelling out the name… Samuel L. Jackson. TV cameras caught it and the internet exploded in glee.


That’s the play of the college football season, and it happened before the first full slate of Saturday games was even played.

We’re guessing the helmet of Jackson, who passed for six touchdowns and ran for two more last night, is labeled “Bad Motherfucker.” Or at least it soon will be.

Now Louisville just needs to get the real Samuel L. Jackson to stop doing Capital One commercials and cashing checks from Capital One long enough to head down to Kentucky to attend a game in person.

Also: Louisville has to get two guys on defense named “John” and “Travolta.”

Or “Jules” and “Winnfield.”

In summation: God bless college football, and God bless names on the backs of jerseys.