What’s with this ‘No Cars Beyond This Point’ sign outside the New York Stock Exchange today?

I mean yes, I understand in this heightened world of security we live in, especially with such turbulent markets we can’t very well have cars driving all over the place wherever they want. Especially since that’s the kind of freedom that caused the Wall Street Bombing way back in 1920.

But why is it such a fancy, stretched-out Rolls Royce-style car in this sign? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a well-endowed piece of signage.

A few tourists just posed for pictures in front of this things and I think I heard another guy wondering to his wife, ‘What is that a sign for?’

It occurs to me that maybe this sign is explaining that only normal are permitted beyond this point. Must all you billionaires park your expensive automobiles and proceed on foot?

Message to Wall Street: Get yourselves out of this crisis, then get some normal street signs.

Photo by Brendan