Looking through old cigarettes ads like the one shown is both a hilarious and scary experience. To think an entire generation of people was brainwashed into thinking doctors and medical professionals believed some cigarettes were “good for you“.

But apparently Altria’s Phillip Morris USA has been trying to market a new cigarette that doesn’t kill you as good, or something?

According to a Clusterstock report, Marlboro Ultra Smooth was a version of Marlboro that used a high-technology filter designed to be safer.

But that all came to an end today as the company announced it made its last ‘safe’ cancer stick and would be closing the doors on Ultra Smooth. In spite of brilliant ideas like that, the cigarette industry continues to decline.

US sales fell 4.5% last year and many Philip Morris analysts expect sales “to decline at an annual rate of between 2.5% and 3% in the coming years,” according to the Wall Street Journal article cited.

Tough break, I feel really bad for those cigarette companies. If only they could bring back all the addicted people they caused to die? Someone should really look into that.

Clusterstock: Altria (MO)Gives Up On Safer Cigarette, Back To Cancer Sticks, June 23, 2008