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Unless you’ve seen the Canadian series Killjoys and Open Heart or the episodes of Warehouse 13, Reign, Rookie Blue or Backstrom she guest starred in, you probably wouldn’t recognize Tori Anderson. But all it takes is one high-profile gig to make you lose your anonymity overnight. That’s the case with Anderson, whose starring role in The CW’s Tuesday night rom-com No Tomorrow (9/8C) has already earned her glowing praise.

Anderson stars as accident-prone, risk-averse Evie Callahan, whose life changes when she meets Xavier Holliday (Galavant’s Joshua Sasse). He’s a free-spirited, carpe diem sort of dude who believes an asteroid will destroy Earth eight months hence and is hell bent on crossing items off his bucket list—and hers. Scenes involving a pogo stick and a karaoke version of Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” ensue as Evie tries to figure out whether he’s a charming eccentric or certifiably crazy.

We grabbed her for seven quick questions about the show, her life and her own bucket list.

“I did ballet so I should not be klutzy, but heck yes, I’m klutzy.”

What drew you to Evie?
I recognized myself in her, though I like to jump into things. I’m kind of gregarious in that way. I love that she is not complacent. She’s feisty and she goes with her gut. And even when she’s getting pulled in a million different directions, she still trusts herself.

Why do you think she falls for this possibly crazy guy who believes the world is ending?
He’s so magnetic that she’s just drawn to him, so she’s going to go along for the ride, but I think that’s a question she’s going to continue to ask herself. If someone told me the world would end I’d have a hesitation, like she does. It’s a big red flag. But like Evie, I’d be absolutely drawn to his adventurous spirit. That kind of spontaneity is incredible and every day would be an adventure. But there’s a level of danger along with that. You really never know what could happen.

No Tomorrow -- Image Number: NOT1_Mondo_6102.jpg -- Pictured: Tori Anderson as Evie -- Photo: Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Are you as much of a klutz as Evie is?
I did ballet so I should not be klutzy, but heck yes, I’m klutzy.

Did it take long to master the pogo stick?
I had a two-hour lesson and by the second hour I got it. But the lesson didn’t help at all. They had to change camera angles because I kept falling off.

How are you at karaoke?
The hardest day on set for me was singing in front of a crowd. I’ve never liked singing in public. I grew up singing opera, a classical operatic style of music, did some music festivals, but that song was very different for me. I was terrified. I didn’t really have to act in that scene.

No Tomorrow -- Image Number: GREY_TORI_ANDERSON_1323r.jpg -- Pictured: Tori Anderson -- Photo: Nino Muñoz/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

What would be on your bucket list if the world was really going to end?
I would go skydiving. I would take my family somewhere. And I would love to chase a tornado. I know, so dangerous, but if the world was going to end… I’m a pretty go‑with‑the‑flow person, but this show has definitely made me look at the way I live my life and think about things that I have been putting off and the reasons why I’ve been putting them off. I haven’t been traveling and I really want to go traveling. It’s something that I will do now.

What was the best career advice you got?
Be yourself and bring yourself to a role. Embrace your idiosyncrasies and be exactly who you are. Be proud of yourself and be proud of your work and dive into it and don’t be worried or ashamed.

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