Who shorts Google? Ethan Kass did. Here’s the full story courtesy of Trader Daily. Ethan was a junior trader of Manhattan-based Circle T Partners. As a junior partner he was supposed to execute trades given from others. Well, he executed a few trades on the side that were not authorized. He took some huge short positions against Google. Yes Google. Of all the stocks in the world you don’t want to short any time Google would be number one. Of course I know that now after watching it skyrocket. Ethan is the son of well known hedge fund manager Doug Kass but that didn’t seem to help him out. The stock started at $200 and by the time Circle T figured out what was going on the stock was at $285 and they had lost 12 million dollars. The 25 year old was canned. To make matters worse his Dad and his boss who is out the money are both guest of Squawk Box.