Everyone knows girls love guys who can fix things and who aren’t afraid to get dirty, and retailer Nordstrom is latching onto that. They’re now selling mud-covered jeans to make any metro guy look hardcore, but they come with an are-you-f**king-kidding me price tag that has caused some backlash.

The chain of luxury department stores is selling the men’s jeans covered with “a crackled, caked-on muddy coating.” The Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans, made in Portugal, are priced at $425. Dude, you can buy a new TV for that much!

So what’s so great about these bad boys? The product description says the jeans “embody rugged” and shows “you’re not afraid to get down and dirty.” But wait…people buying them probably are afraid to get dirty or else they would simply clean up their yards, right? We’re pretty sure those actual down-and-dirty dudes wouldn’t spend $425 on jeans, anyway. We’re thinking they’re more for the yoga and Starbucks-every-morning kind of guy.

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs had a few choice words about the item, too. “The Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans aren’t pants,” Rowe said on Facebook. “They’re not even fashion. They’re a costume for wealthy people who see work as ironic—not iconic.”

This isn’t the only Nordstrom product that’s recently missed the mark. This year, the chain also came under fire for selling $1,190 Gucci “sock sandals” and $95 “Mom jeans.” Sigh.


P.s. The utterly spotless boots are kinda cracking us up.