Owning a house is a fine thing—the American dream, some people call it, with spacious living quarters, a green lawn and a picket fence. Yeah, houses are nice.

But damn if they aren’t landlocked…

So if you’d like to shrug off your terrestrial constraints and take to the water, there’s a Northern Ireland-based outfit that can help. They go by the name of Bluefield Houseboats, and they’re building some of the most gorgeous-looking floating houses we’ve ever seen.

Each houseboat is built to order, which allows for plenty of customization by the client. You can choose from one or two story floor plans, ranging from a cozy one-bedroom house to more spacious, multiple-bedroom houses tallying 2,000 square feet.

And because everything is built with a modular system, there’s potential to link structures together. Just think: You could start your very own waterfront community or commission some commercial space for your lakeside business.

That prefab system also means that, while everything is constructed in Northern Ireland, the company will deliver and piece together the final product anywhere you call home… or want to call home.

To keep things energy efficient, these guys are using passive design principles that take advantage of natural heating, cooling and ventilation. And a smart home automation system lets owners employ their smartphone or tablet to control things like appliances and light switches.

Also, your whole house is basically one big diving board. So let’s not overlook that important fact.