Ah Instagram, the place of overly filtered selfies and heavily curated highlights of our otherwise run-of-the-mill lives.

In the dream world of Instagram, it may be tempting to hit on women because the stakes don’t seem as high as they are when flirting in person. But don’t be the guy who forces most women to set their profiles to private.

Here are a few tips on how not to be an Insta-creep.

1. Don’t like old photos.
If you’re snooping through her archives, don’t push like. She won’t think it’s charming that, at 2 in the morning, you liked a 53-week-old photo of her in a bikini. Creepy.

2. Don’t make sexual comments.
Just don’t.

3. Don’t make her a Woman Crush Wednesday.
Unless you and her have a close friendship with a flirty vibe, don’t tag her as a Woman Crush Wednesday out of the blue. Especially if you have to screenshot a photo from her own account. Yikes.

4. Don’t like and comment on every single photo she posts.
You don’t want to seem too thirsty. You need to chill with those fingers hovering over the like button. Give her some love for every few posts, and keep the comments clever and friendly.

5. If you’re going to message her, keep it casual.
Direct messages are fine if you have a good reason to send one. Maybe a funny meme reminded you of her, or you want to ask her for travel tips on a destination she recently posted about. First-time direct messages are today’s pick-up lines and, just like pick-up lines, they can be creepy if not handled correctly.

Photo: iStock/filadendron