I won’t send any links to the countless blogs chastising a recent blogger chastising other bloggers whom she finds worthless. Who the hell cares? She’s right. There’s a ton of junk out there and my blog is one of them. I can’t write as well as many of them and I’m not as trained analytically as many of the others. What I do have is personality. No offense to Trader Mike and his new contributer Michelle but they seem pretty stuffy. I thought I was going to pee my pants when she typed this statement “I encounter this mentality when I edit the Wikipedia”. This is my point. Every blog is different and that’s what I love about all the blogs I read. I love all the different styles of the blogs on my daily reading list. I am probably wrong about the true personalities of the bloggers I read but in my mind I picture the person behind the blog and who he/she is. I associate them with a “type” or character and they become that. I have never met any of them and it would certainly change my viewpoint if I went out and had a real conversation. Mike, for all I know, could be the craziest guy I ever met and have an offbeat sense of humor. I read these blogs because some are entertaining, some are informative, some give me ideas, and some are a combination of all three. When they don’t appeal to one of those three I simply don’t read them anymore. More often than not I stop visiting a blog because my personal likes change as I change hobbies or grow older. I only have so much time in the day to read other blogs so I read the ones I like. Many people don’t like my style so I don’t get many links from other well known blogs and I know why. I don’t provide much information that will make you a better trader. I am not always that funny. I don’t post consistently enough. I am not a great of writer. What I can be is funny and I definitely put a fun spin on making money and trading. I figured I would try and put those things together and have a good time with it. For those bloggers who say I am junk. Without junk like mine how would you know how great your site is?