We are entering some of the busiest months of air travel as people finally start to take advantage of their PTO and book flights all over the world.

But just because you’re traveling and probably jetlagged—and it’s vacation time—does not mean you should look lazy. Guys: No more flip flops and sleepwear in the airport.

Instead, remember this style advice the next time you’re rushing to catch a flight.

1. Your carry-on bag speaks volumes.
This is the most essential of travel necessities because it shows those in your cabin who you truly are. Even if you’re flying economy, pick a classy duffle or briefcase that makes people think you’re important—in other words, not your gym bag.

2. Your suitcase shouldn’t be decades old.
Just as important as the carry-on bag, your suitcase should be a style staple. But because it unfortunately has a tough time going through the airport, it can get pretty beat up. Go for something like the Away, for example, which offers durability and features like a built-in lock and an iPhone charger. Genius!

3. You should never forget the shades.
Depending on where you’re going and when you’re flying, the sunlight shining through the plane’s windows could be blinding. Be sure to have a pair of shades readily available.

4. Remember to layer.
Airplanes get freezing. Even in the middle of the summer, you should always pack a light sweater so you can toss it on if you need it. Everlane’s cashmere hoodie, for example, boasts warmth and style for only a fraction of what cashmere should cost.

5. Wear a practical jacket.
It’s always important to look your best, especially when you are feeling your worst—and this doesn’t stop short of your jacket. Gentlemen, wear an unlined blazer on the plane to not only add a layer of comfort, but also to have all the women wishing they had the seat next to you.

6. Put on a pair of comfortable jeans, not sweats.
If you only ever have one pair of jeans in your life, make them the 3×1’s slim straight jeans. Not only will they feel amazing mid-flight, but they are also customizable to your measurements. You’re welcome.

7. Understand that driving loafers are like fancy slippers.
Nothing says travel more than a pair of driving loafers. Slide on a pair of these and enjoy the comfort of them while still looking sharp.

Photo: iStock/Izabela Habur