It’s hard these days to find time to work out with so many great video games out there and pizza places to sample. Or maybe you’re just out of the house a lot, at the office, or spend ridiculous amount of time stuck in traffic.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be doing something productive in that time? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a few reps in for your biceps? Lifting your Egg McMuffin to your face doesn’t count. Well this guy Sang hoon Lee decided it would be ideal to have some portable weights that were easy enough to carry that you could take them anywhere. Then he took it a step further. The Digital Portable Dumbbell is slim and easy to handle, and, get this, can digitally change its own weight. Just set the amount of pounds you’re fit to lift and a small ball inside the dumbbell will adjust its revolutions accordingly, changing the weight of the thing. Yeah, we’re not sure how that works either… If they were called Magical Portable Dumbbells, we wouldn’t think twice. Regardless, you can now carry any amount of weight wherever you want without hassle–even while playing those video games or eating that pizza. It’s the best of both worlds. Find more about the Digital Portable Dumbbell here.