My favorite place in the world to travel is Kona, Hawaii. There are more climate zones on the island than any place in the world not to mention I have never seen a more beautiful place in all of my travels. I’ve always wanted to buy land there and I now is the time. Why? It is not overdeveloped like the rest of the islands and there is plenty of land available because all the plantations are moving out. Del Monte is moving out according to an article today and it’s not unexpected. It is too expensive to grow food on the island due to American wages and the price of land. Costa Rica is much cheaper. This land will be sold due to its value but it is still a great deal. There is no bad land in Hawaii and everything is close to the beach. I can still have a 10 acre ranch on the Hilo side for less than I can buy land in a Chicago suburb. Taxes are reasonable and you can actually own the land rather than a long term lease from the government like many of the properties. Hopefully my trading will permit me to add a piece of paradise to my portfolio.