You think you know snow? If you’re like me, a good 12″ snow here in the Midwest shuts us down and leaves us digging out for a few days. Now imagine 10 times that amount with 4 more feet coming and that leaves you with the amazing photos below
Most people hate digging out their car. In this snow you have to find it first
You hate shoveling the drive? How about shoveling the second story roof?
I’ve never had to do this but I’m guessing that one is not going to end well
Even if you do dig out. It’s not like you’re going anywhere. That broom is worthless
The bus stops have turned into snow caves
What makes this picture even funnier is that it is the second story
No hill needed. You can sled down the front door in this blizzard
Now that’s the kind of neighbor you want to have

Doesn’t look like much except there are three cars in the drive
Not much to say here but Damn!!!
She doesn’t look real excited about this photo. Somebody’s not going to help shovel
Somehow I’m guessing this guy’s just going to wait it out inside
I’m pretty sure the mailman is not coming today but it was a nice gesture
This is the photo being used all over the news and you can see why. Amazing
Pretty easy for old pugsly to jump the 6 foot fence
This is my favorite

Now they’ve dug out and here come 4 more feet

Here is one picture on another site I thought was funny

Guaranteed Laugh
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