Who in the hell gets upset over a nude photo these days? An entire nation, that’s who. Just ask model Jaylene Cook.

The Instababe recently shed her clothes and posed on top of New Zealand’s Mount Taranaki. While we saw nothing but greatness in the picture, Kiwis weren’t too happy about it. 

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Jaylene tried to explain to them that she and her boyfriend scaled the mountain wearing clothes, and then took them off for the photo op at the summit, but the locals weren’t having it at all.  She even told them she had researched the mountain and didn’t think the excursion or photo would anger them.

The local Maoris didn’t give a rat’s ass about her explanations, adding that Jaylene didn’t just disrespect their beliefs by posing nakey on their landmark, but that simply climbing the mountain was enough to draw their fury. 

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“It’s like someone went into St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and took a nude photo,” Dennis Ngawhare, a spokesperson for the local Maori tribe, told the BBC. “It’s a sacred place and something like this is just very inappropriate.” For the local Maori, the volcano is considered the burial ground of the tribe’s ancestor and is itself seen as an ancestor. Traditionally, even just climbing to the top of the peak is inappropriate and only very rarely done for a ceremonial purpose.

Pissing off locals isn’t what Jaylene was trying to do by any means. This is actually her first time being accused of insensitivity due to her choice of backdrop for her sexy pics. But then again, you know what they say, there’s no such thing as bad press. Of course, this will make dudes (and probably chicks, too) run to check out Jaylene’s Instagram page. So really, it’s a win for her!

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Honestly, we don’t see the big deal here. Like other models who take hot photos showing off mother nature, you know, like Sara Underwood, Jaylene’s social media page is full of photos showing off her several worldwide adventures sans clothes. Let’s be real here, she makes that damn mountain look way more attractive than it does just chilling by itself, anyway…

Photos: Instagram