The company may be best known for iconic shades, but Oakley boasts a product line that extends far beyond sunglasses. One recent offering is the latest addition to their golf footwear collection, endorsed by world no.1 Rory McIlroy, and it’s accompanied by a bold claim: Oakley says the Cipher ($130) is the lightest golf shoe on the market. At 9.2 oz, it’s hard to argue with them. Even more game-changing, though, is that fact that the Cipher doesn’t have conventional spikes.

No kidding. Instead of your traditional metal or composite cleats, the Cipher is outfitted with what Oakley refers to as NanoSpike technology, consisting of “thousands of tiny spikes that bite into blades of grass to maintain traction.” This keeps the wearer closer to the ground, allowing for a lower center of gravity and greater balance while teeing up. Bonus: also makes them more comfortable to walk in. Works for us.

The brand-new Ciphers come in three colors: black, pristine (white) and fluid blue. Pick up a pair at