What is the obesity industry? It is possibly the largest industry in the world. It is the people that either keep you fat, McDonalds and Oreos, or the people that try and make you thin, weightloss books or diet pills. Obesity is an incredible problem in America and we all battle it. There are a million ways to put on weight and one way to take it off. I am going to give you a weight loss secret guaranteed to work and has worked well for me. Please send me a dollar if works for you (I’ll save you thousands over the course of a lifetime) . Not only will you have more energy, you will think better, make better trades, and have a better love life. I am serious. Here it is………”Move More Eat Less” It sounds so simple but there is no other way to lose weight. I needed to lose weight and put up the quote above to motivate me. Figure out how many calories you are eating and try to keep them at a reasonable level. Then go exercise 500-1000 of them away. I decided to start running last year and now run 4 miles a day. I finished two marathons this year and yesterday ran a race of 4.5 miles in under 7 minutes a mile, nearly 2 minutes a mile faster than last year. I refuse to give 1 dollar (ok maybe a few) to the obesity industry. I won’t join a gym. Don’t need it. A jump rope, some free weights, and running keep off the weight. I generally don’t eat fast food except burritos and pizza (several times a week) and the only weight loss book needed is what I wrote above. The results of carrying too much weight is unbelievable. I didn’t notice most of them until I lost 30 pounds. I was easily tired, I couldn’t think clearly, my knees and hips hurt, and most of all I wasn’t happy with the way I looked. So I started running, yes like Forrest Gump. I found out I enjoyed it. It gave me a chance to reflect, be by myself, gave me drive and a goal. The weight started falling off. I joined a running group, made new friends, and became a whole new person. I am smarter, yes smarter, because I am not tired, my body is stronger and so is my mind. My knees and hips no longer hurt. It is a misnomer to think running breaks you down. Your body is not like a machine that wears the same parts over and over. It adapts and rebuilds muscles and tendons to adjust to what you are making it do. My leg muscles doubled and have become quite strong. My heart and lungs work much better. When I hear the “it hurts your knees” statement I always respond with “What is harder on your body?, running 4 miles a day or carrying an extra 30 pounds the other 23 hours of the day” Try carrying a bag with 30 pounds in it around with you all day and watch the results. You’ll be exhausted. I am posting this in a trading blog because in order for you to be the best trader you can be, you have to be able to think clearly and live long enough to enjoy your wealth. Get out and walk, then run. Save your money for another industry.