It’s a little harder to find your way around outside without the sun shining bright and clouds covering the sky (especially at night). Who likes to walk in the dark? It’s unsafe to go about at night without protection.

You could carry a (deadly) flashlight around and look like you’re going spelunking, or you could try out this new Lightblade Umbrella, and look like a Jedi, aka awesome. The concept is simple. To the untrained eye (aka not Jedis), it would appear to be an ordinary umbrella… Until you click one button and the entire shaft is filled with light, illuminating your path on a dreary day or night, and warning Darth Maul to stay away with his double-sided light umbrella. All you need is three AAA batteries and a rainy day, and you’ll for sure be catching some extra attention on your walk to work. The website notes you’ll have to make your own light saber sound effects, but you’ve been doing it your whole life anyway, so why not? The Lightblade Umbrella can be purchased for $32.84 and you can find it here.