I expected more from Time Inc. They are trying to make a funny Office Space type website but it is more like Dilbert without the humor. They billed the site as business meets frat boy humor yet the site is run by a big company and they don’t want to do Frat Boy. I’m sure they were able to sell some ad space based on this proposal but what they forgot is they can’t get too dirty nor can they take stuff off the web like most small guys, do to their parent company. They are missing the original comedy and the witty sense of humor that usually comes from some crazy independent web publisher. The big guys never could have come up with ebaumsworld or ehowa. It takes no limits, time (no pun intended), and straight up originality. They will have to do something to build up readers because I find very few things worth a daily visit. I did find one if you look at the game below. We’ll see if it gets better down the road but I don’t see a good future for OfficePirates.