The American Line brand of men’s cologne is a collection of 5 different scents, each representing a branch of the military. They’re all traditionally masculine, but with notes suggesting the different characters of each of branch of the military – the Coast Guard “conjures elements of the seas and wind” while the Army’s “elicits feelings of majestic woodlands and endless horizons.”

Each 14-ounce bottle is $45 (affordable in the world of men’s scents), and the proceeds from sales go to support the U.S. Veterans Administration. This would make a good Father’s day gift or a good Memorial Day present. It would also be an outstanding way to smell like a less-sweaty version of General George Patton. Nice.


Patton defines masculinity with a sensual, woodsy fragrance. A confident blend of sage, bergamot and cedar elicit feelings of majestic woodlands and endless horizons. [Buy it]


Intense and brave, Devil Dog is a finely crafted fusion of sandalwood, cedar, and citric spices. Classic yet modern, the undeniable sophistication stands as a proud reminder of honor and tradition. [Buy it]


An invigorating fragrance that knows no boundaries. Liberty harnesses the energy of the open waters with a rush of deep aquatic notes, merged with cool green leaf and anchored by hints of woody amber. [Buy it]

Air Force

Stealth evokes the freedom of the big blue sky. This lush combination of deep basil, warm spice and brushed suede defines casual elegance and exhilarates the sense with a blast of fresh air. [Buy it]

Coast Guard

Riptide conjures the elements of seas and wind in an unmistakably nautical fragrance. A cocktail of fresh citrus notes mingled with vibrant spices inspire confidence and remind that you are always ready. [Buy it]