I was checking through my links in technorati today and came across an interesting post about my blog that really hit home. Rafi from Oh Word dropped my blog from his feed because I posted too much and most of it was junk. You know what, I completely agree with him. I have decided to post less (I have to anyway due to spring busy season) and fill those posts with better quality and of course funnier material. That doesn’t mean I won’t post every day just not as much junk. I’ll actually spell check and check over my post before I throw them up. I hope one day with better material I’ll be back on his feed.

I too dropped Rafi and The Daily Reel (I still enjoy the site just not his videos) from my daily read. He just isn’t funny to me. Why The Daily Reel would feature such boring material I don’t understand. I think that’s why I took his comments so hard. If he doesn’t think I’m funny and I don’t think he’s funny then both of us must really suck. Now, I am sure he’s a great guy and we could have a hell of a time hanging out, but there is countless amount of funny material for me too be wasting my viewing time on. I am sure won’t be reading my blog but I’ll continue reading his. If you haven’t been there, it all about the rap game and he does a great job covering it. I seriously doubt he has a job with all the good stuff he post. Rap also has a big problem. Sales are plummeting. My blog and the rap game have a lot in common. We both have too much material out there and 90% of it’s junk.