How rude of me. I forgot to mention who tagged me. Unfathomed Psyche

I’ll play the tag game because I still have a few more days off of work so here are a few things you didn’t know about me.

A quick synopsis.
Born in Bloomington, IL but raised in North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Texas and Illinois (no father is not in the armed services). Played soccer for 15 years and traveled country and Europe on club teams. Married for 12 years and have beautiful brown haired, blue eyed girl. Family started nursery in 1865 and I’m the 5th generation to be a part of the nursery industry. Used to be a member of CBOT and CBOE during a brief stint as floor trader (better nurseryman than trader) Have gardening segments on ABC, NBC and PBS. Hoping someday to have national gardening show. A straight P. Allen Smith

1. I wear size 12.5 shoe

2. I got sick last year for the first time since I was a kid and missed a day of work for the first time since 1991.

3. I graduated from the University of Alabama in 1991 (roll tide) and was in a Fraternity (imagine that)

4. I have a cat named Kramer who I named after the Seinfeld character 14 years ago but I have recently changed his name to George after the whole Laugh Factory Thing.

5. Here’s an unusual one. My weight has gone up or down 20 pounds or more every year for the last 5 years. It’s because of the seasonality of my business and my Spring marathon training.

6. You will never meet anyone who has a more diverse taste in music. Others say it but my ipod and Cd sales prove it. The salesman was amused by my Best Buy purchase of Jay-Z, The Wreckers, High School Musical, and Incubus.

I’ll tag the following people

The Trading Goddess (plenty of info in the about section but we want more)

Tapeworm (has to have a full name)

Steven at ValueBlogReview