With the gravel-throated subtitle: If whiskey don’t kill me, I’ll live till I die.  Fair enough. This is a drink for those of us who prefer our bars to be dimly lit with sawdust on the floor. We do our drinking in the relative quiet of our homes, a social club, or on a porch in the evenings. No fancy disco-dancin’ music or patent leather coasters for us, thankyouverymuch. 

"Old Man Drinks" is a book about the simple, timeless aspects of masculine drinking culture along with simple, timeless, masculine drink recipes. If you like Old-Fashioneds, Sidecars, Clover Clubs, Rusty Nails, Hot Toddys, Monte Carlos, Arnie Palmers, Gin Rickeys and the like, then this is your book. If you don’t’ know what the hell we’re talking about, then buy this book immediately and have it rush ordered.

But, like any good drink served at a good bar with a good bartender, these libations come with ageless words of wisdom. Here’s a good example. 

“No one said it better than Charles Baudelaire: ‘Be drunk; be always drunk.’ You can take that any way you like.” – Tom, 62, retired golf pro.